EGY - Building upon the existing

Editeur / Editors: Olivier Lekien and Marcos G. Rojo
Design: Old Continent Communication Agency
Année / Year: 2017
Financial support: Eurogypsum

The book is a short compilation that elaborates on the attitude towards the existing and presents it as a possible solution to the challenges of urban living.

This attitude, this care and attention towards the existing, is not conservative by any means. On the contrary, it is radical and contemporary in its formulation. It is more audacious as it implies a higher dose of risk than demolishing and rebuilding. It is richer as it adds on instead of flattening and erasing. It is more meaningful in terms of the construction of community life, sustainable development and circular economy. It is extremely humanistic and optimistic as it founds on our own capacity to evolve, transform and adapt.

Sustainability should not imply a dismiss of previous experiences, a reset from the past or a tabula rasa in favour of a new technocratic sustained development. It should not be perceived as something simplistic or reductive that leads to homogenization.    

Sustainability should not be a ultimate goal in the form of a certificate of excellence nor a direct means to achieve something.

Sustainability should be an attitude that has to build upon what we already have. It has to be able to trigger a communal attachment to it. It has to elaborate a larger framework that provides more quality, more freedom and more diversity with no exception, so anyone can find his or her own place at a highest qualitative level.

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